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550mg*60 capsules/box2.2g*15 sachets/box

FucoHiQ - Oligo Fucoidan Supplement

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Key Features Hi-Q Oligo FucoidanTM - Low Molecular Fucoidan With the advanced biotechnology exclusively authorized by “The Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute (TFRI), the Executive Yuan Council of Agriculture (COA), Hi-Q Oligo FucoidanTM is the health supplement made of “Fucoidan”,an natural extract mainly (Fucose) - a polysaccharide body from the premium graded, natural oceanic brown seaweed found in Taiwan. Under the use of “low molecular technology” to extract the purest and highest potency primarily (Fucoidan) in alow molecular weight fucoidan (500Da), we named this high quality “low molecular weight Fucoidan” as “Hi-Q Oligo FucoidanTM”, the best natural Fucoidan dietary supplement available in the market for your lifelong health. Hi-Q Oligo FucoidanTM is special in its composition of low molecular weight fucoidanand outstanding to general commercial fucoidan : The difference is Hi-Q hasutilized the advance “low molecular technology” to extract the purest fucoidanfrom brown seaweed in its original macromolecules fucoidan (polysaccharide) to “lowmolecular weight fucoidan” (oligosaccharides)for better effective benefits and results. We highly recommended to take Hi-Q Oligo FucoidanTM consistently daily for your lifelong health and longevity.

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