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High-Carbon Aliphatic Alcohol

This product is made from natural rice chaffs and sugarcane skin through the extracting processes, and it is a high-carbon aliphatic alcohol (carbon-22 alcohol-38 alcohol) with the total alcohol content ≥95%.

Health Care Food:

It has the effects of lowering blood fat, cholesterol, and enhancing sex hormone etc. moreover, it can promote immune functions of the body and enhancing durance, vigor and physical force of the body.
Carbon-22 alcohol can be used in inhibiting prostate tumor; carbon-24 alcohol can strengthen the performance of nerve factors; carbon-26 alcohol can lower blood fat; carbon-28 can resist fatigue, lower blood fat, strengthen sex function, and treat Parkinson’s disease; carbon-30 is a plant growth regulator, and can enhance the growth of animals and treat skin eczema, herpes etc.

Application in Cosmetics:

Enhancing blood circulation, promoting the oxygen transportation, and promoting basal metabolic rate. Moreover, it can activate skin cells and eliminate wrinkles on the skin, thus widely applied to such cosmetics as hair-protecting agents, rouge, nail polish etc.

Application in Feed Additives:

High-carbon aliphatic alcohol in animal feedstuffs can strengthen the physical strength, especially the endurance of animals. It can highly activate pet animals and viewing fish. It also can promote the surviving rate and growing rate of poultry with good feeding effects and high economic profit.

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