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The new, innovative Quadro® H20 redefines conical milling by pushing the capabilities of cone mill technology toward finer particle size distributions, making it ideal for niche Pharma OSD targets, APIs, fine chemical products, and cosmetic final color/blend dispersing.

The H20 Comil® represents a revolutionary approach to Pharma OSD, API milling, fine chemical milling and cosmetic powder milling. Quadro® Comil® technology converts motor energy more efficiently into size reduction forces, leading industry milling performance standards in powder grinding and fine chemical comminuting. 

With its groundbreaking re-engineered drives and milling efficiency improvements, the H20 provides superior performance over pin mills or hammer mills without the need for expensive additional containment or air handling systems. 

Capable of delivering narrow particle size distributions, with d50s reaching as low as 20 to 25 micron for some applications, the H20 Comil® delivers optimum performance and containment when integrated with a controlled feed system.

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