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High-protein Iced Tea for movers and shakers

Protein potential
Tea has been a drink of choice for centuries and is considered a healthy option among consumers due to its antioxidant properties. And, while iced tea itself has been popularised as a refreshing, healthy beverage, more and more products are now boasting superfood claims.

One way to boost the nutritional value and attraction of your iced tea beverage is by adding whey protein isolate into the mix. For product development teams however, the key to success is to maintain tea’s refreshing, clean taste while simultaneously delivering on the promise of a protein-rich beverage.

Why whey?
It’s well documented that whey protein isolate (WPI) helps build, repair and maintain muscle mass, supporting muscle protein synthesis better than other protein sources. WPI has been proven in protein shakes for decades and more recently, in high-protein ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages. Arla Foods Ingredients offers three different, processing-stable WPI ingredients that meet the brief for a delicious and convenient protein iced tea – both for movers and shakers.

Ready to move?
Ready-to-drink protein beverages quench the thirst of health-conscious consumers around the world, serving busy lifestyles for a nutritious on-the-move option.

Choose from two RTD-enabling ingredients to deliver a delicious protein iced tea:

  • Lacprodan® ISO.Clear can be used to make clear beverages with a natural and refreshing taste profile.
  • Lacprodan® ISO.Water can be used to make UHT-stable beverages with a clean and water-like taste.

Shake things up
Shakes are the conventional way of delivering valuable protein to the muscles, fast. Our whey protein isolate ingredient, Lacprodan® ISO.WaterShake can be used to make a clear and water-like ready-to-shake iced tea that delivers 20g of protein and no sugar or fat.


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