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Lödige High Shear Mixer MGT

High Shear Mixer MGT for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food products

  • GMP design with straight surfaces
  • Modular WIP-System
  • Multiple possibilities for liquid Addition
  • New pharma compliant control System
  • Temperature control jacket for heating / cooling
  • Integrated sieve mill at machine's discharge
  • Vacuum feeding System
  • Customized ATEX-solution for explosion protected design

High Shear Mixer MGT

The high shear mixer MGT is designed for mixing, granulating and sieving of pharmaceuticals powders, granules and a wide range of cosmetics and food products. A three-arm mixing impeller rotates close to the wall and bottom of the vertical, cylindrical mixing drum. The shape and peripheral speed of the impeller are coordinated in such a way that the product forms a vortex. This achieves short mixing times, excellent homogeneity and enables a buildup of granules. A separately driven chopper unit disperses any lumps in the product, ensures uniform moistening and granulation of the powders. Liquid addition is carried out with a pump or by gravity. The liquid is added into the mix right above the chopper which achieves best possible distribution. The optional wet sieve calibrates the wet granules while discharging from the mixer. Discharge can take place into a vessel or product can be transported pneumatically to a Fluid Bed Dryer.

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