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HMR - Botanical Ingredient - Linnea


HMR HMRlignanTM (NORWAY SPRUCE LIGNANS) Linnea extracts and manufactures HMR as a botanical ingredient for pharmaceutical purposes. Lignans are a group of phytonutrients widely distributed in the plant kingdom. Their importance in health maintenance has been underlined by an increasingly large pool of scientific knowledge and epidemiological data, which has identified them in a wide variety of foods such as unrefined grain products, seeds (sesame and flax), berries, fruits and vegetables [1]. Unlike our ancestors’ diet, today’s Western diet does not include much in terms of lignin-containing foods, so the amount of lignans available from food is quite limited. Many researchers suggest that the decreased intake of foods containing lignan precursors has left women without the ability to modulate estrogen naturally and, for this reason, supplementation with a natural concentrated source is recommended.