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HoneySuchle Flowers Extract-Herbal extract,Chinese Herbal extract, Herb extracts,Plant extract-Shandong TianHua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

HoneySuchle Flowers Extract

Honeysuckle extract The main effective components in honeysuckle are chlorogenic acid and Luteolin. Chlorogenic Acid (CGA) is also named caffeotamic acid, and is a kind of depsides formed with eafeic acid and quinic acid, and belong to phenylpropanoids compound. Plant Source: the dry flower bud or flower after first blooming of Lonicera japonica. It is of rodlike and slight bending shape with the upper part thicker and the lower part thinner. It is of 2~3 cm long, with the upper part diameter at 3mm, and the lower part diameter at 1.5mm. It is of yellowish white or green and white color, and densely blanketed with with pubescence.

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