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HPLC Testing

HPLC is a chromatographic method used to separate a mixture of compounds in order to identify, quantify, or purify each component in a mixture because individual compounds behave differently in water. HPLC separates and purifies compounds according to their polarity, or their tendency to like or dislike water. In addition to identifying components, HPLC allows us to test mixtures for limits, impurities, and potency. When is HPLC commonly used? HPLC tests play a critical and important role in the field of pharmaceutical industries and analysis because HPLC techniques test products and detect their raw ingredients. HPLC is particularly important in these fields because they fall under FDA regulations, which obligate all pharmaceutical companies to detect the quality of their products using the HPLC before products can be sold in the global market. Additionally, HPLC can be used to determine impurities and degradation products in bulk drug materials and pharmaceutical formulations. These benefits apply to synthetic drugs and formulas, as well as herbal medicine. To learn more visit: