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Humic extract liquid/powder

Liquid Humic is our base humic acid that is derived from humic shale ore. It is alkaline extracted and contains both humic and fulvic acids along with trace minerals. This product is jet black and will color any formulation or liquid that it is added to including water and other beverages. Humic acids are normally present in mud baths and mask and adding this product will enhance those healing treatments. 

This liquid humic acid covers all of the consumer concerns when it comes to a quality dietary supplement ingredient: vegetarian, non-GMO, Kosher, gluten and allergen free.  

Both of our liquids are also available in soluble powders. Drying humic and fulvic acid must be done carefully. If processed at high temperatures the organic acids can be damaged, and the high cation exchange properties will no longer be present in the dried product. For this reason, we use a low-temperature drying process that preserves the quality and functionality of our humic and fulvic acids. Our powders can be rehydrated or used as a powder in dry formulations.

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