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Hydroxypropyl Starch Capsule

World’s first Hydroxypropyl Starch Capsule Through 9 years’ painstaking effort, ER-KANG has been through with the research on the production , quality control, and application of starch-based capsules, and mastered the complete technical process of starch capsule production. Starch Capsule is an innovative product made from native starch (the main ingredient) with no animal-origin sources added, and its manufacturing process follows the following steps: 1, process the starch plant into starch 2, turn the starch into special starch material (raw material for starch capsule ) by ER-KANG’s proprietary technology, 3, process the starch material into starch capsules by special technology. Additionally, the company has conducted related application tests about the disintegration time, compatibility, and stability, etc, and all the test results indicate that ER-KANG’s Starch Capsule is conform to the traditional capsule standards and thus could be an ideal alternative for vegan & health people. Starch Capsule is a green, natural and healthy product, which, for its advantage of non-animal origin, is embraced by larger group of users than traditional capsule, and bears a brighter market prospect. For its outstanding quality, ER-KANG Starch Capsule is certified by Kosher, Halal and Vegetarian Society and registered in FDA.

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