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Heart health and more from an ingredient that consumers will love

Hytolive Olive Fruit Polyphenol is a 100% natural, patented ingredient that can deliver what scientists believe is the most important compound in olive oil for heart health – hydroxytyrosol – into your formulations. Hytolive is a solvent-free natural extraction of olive polyphenols from the by-product water of olive oil production. This clean-label ingredient is the subject of some exciting heart health claims in Europe and allows you to put the love affair with olive oil into your products.

  • Sustainable, 100% natural extract of olive fruits
  • Standardized hydroxytyrosol content (10% & 25%)
  • Liquid, powder and micronized powder product forms
  • Processing-friendly. Stable at high temperatures
  • Little to no impact on organoleptic properties
  • Effective as a co-ingredient in Omega-3 formulations


Consumers have a love affair with olive oil

American consumers have a love affair with olive oil. In the last 20 years, its consumption has tripled in the United States. Most of that increase results from the popularization of the Mediterranean Diet – and the heart healthy benefits seen in olive oil. In 2013, the now famous PREDIMED Study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showing dramatic improvement in heart health related to a Mediterranean Diet re-ignited consumer interest in the topic – and in the health benefits of olive oil. Want to see how much buzz there is on the Med Diet today? Click here!

Hydroxytyrosol: key to important health & formulation benefits

The primary active component of Hytolive - hydroxytyrosol - is a polar, phenolic phytochemical found in olive fruit, olive leaf and olive oil as well as by-products of olive processing. Along with tyrosol and their conjugates, it represents the main phenolic compounds in olive oil (50%). Hydroxytyrosol has a simple structure, the highest bioavailability and ORAC of the olive oil components, which gives it potent natural antioxidant activity.

Hytolive in Heart Health Formulations

Numerous scientific studies have been conducted on the antioxidant properties and cardiovascular health supporting potential of olive oil and olive polyphenols. What’s more, Hytolive is a sustainable, regulatory-friendly ingredient that people can enthusiastically support.

Highlights: European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approved cardiovascular health claim for hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives (2011)*

Potential label statements in USA:

“Supports heart health” claim

“Supports vascular health” claim

Hytolive in Omega-3 Formulations

A high antioxidant capacity and consumer awareness of the health benefits of olive oil compounds make Hytolive an ideal co-ingredient in Omega-3 formulations – particularly those that contain fish oil. A 2012 survey conducted by market researcher TNS found 73% of Spanish consumers would be willing to pay more for an Omega-3 formulation that contained hydroxytyrosol.


  • Omega-3s and hydroxytyrosol have different mechanisms of supporting heart health
  • Fish oil & olive oil represent two of the main foods in the Mediterranean Diet
  • The antioxidant properties of hydroxytyrosol can protect fish oil and Omega-3s from oxidation

Formulating Foods with Hytolive

Hytolive Olive Fruit Polyphenol comes in a variety of product forms make it easy to incorporate in existing processing environments. Low addition levels (100 mg 10% powder) mean low impact on organoleptic properties of food systems – with excellent stability in processing. It’s a clean label ingredient with good economics in food formulations.

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