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IdaPro® Milk Permeate Powder (MPP) is manufactured from fresh pasteurized skim milk using a proven low-heat membrane filtration process. Ultra-filtration and dia-filtration effectively separate proteins and carbohydrates along with a portion of the water soluble vitamins and minerals that flow into the milk permeate product. Unlike whey permeate which is made from byproducts of the cheese making process, IdaPro® MPP contains only what is found in fresh milk.

Milk permeate powder is typically 85 percent lactose (minimum 80 percent), 3 percent protein, 9 percent ash, and free moisture levels at 1.5 percent or lower. The total moisture level averages 5 percent with free moisture at 1.5 percent or lower. IdaPro® MPP was designed to be the highest quality milk permeate available on the market. In contrast to whey permeate, IdaPro® MPP is non-hygroscopic, with a near-neutral pH and a sweet, bland, milky flavor and aroma. It is Grade A and manufactured for the food market. A few of the major uses of Idaho Milk Products Milk Permeate are:

  • Standardization of skim milk powder and dairy blends
  • Bakery and confectionery
  • Dairy-based blends
  • Frozen desserts and novelties
  • Cultured dairy products
  • Maltodextrin replacement as fillers in nutrition products

IdaPro® MPP is packaged in multi-walled paper bags with a double polyethylene liner (net content 25 kilograms). Also available in polyethylene lined totes (net weight 1000 kilograms).

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