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IgY Max

IgY Max  is a specifically immunized egg powder.

It can be formulated as a standalone product or in combination with other ingredients in a powder, capsule, or chewable format.

Reduces Side Effects of Poor GI Health

  • Increases gut wall integrity by reducing inflammatory stress
  • Improves bowel function by promoting growth of beneficial flora

Promotes the Growth of Healthy Bacteria

  • Provides targeted immune protection against 26 human-relevant bacteria
  • ​Reduces bacterial competition to free up nutrients and space in the microbiome​​

Helps Normalize Inflammatory Responses

  • Supplements the immune system's inventory of regulatory factors
  • ​Helps regulate the release of inflammatory cytokines


Made with specifically immunized egg powder, IgY Max  provides targeted protection against non-beneficial bacteria in the gut.​

  • Strain-specific IgY proteins support the immune system's natural defenses by targeting 26 specific strains of human-relevant bacteria in the digestive tract.
  • Regulatory co-factors are used by the body to maintain a proper inflammatory response and reduce excess inflammatory stress.

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