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Immunity is a basic condition for health at any period of life

 The interactions between probiotics and immunity are increasingly well understood. Thanks to a strong research program dedicated to immunity, encompassing innovative in vitro, in vivo and clinical studies, scientists at Lallemand Health Solutions are now able to draw a better picture of the pathways involved and the clear benefits of selected probiotic strains.

On this basis, we have been able to design a portfolio of probiotic strains to address various issues of immune health for different target groups: children, adults or seniors.


Their immune system is maturing and children are at higher risk of infections or atopic disorders (Th2 reaction). Young children are prone to colds and may have 8 to 12 of them every year. Atopic dermatitis usually starts within the first six months of life and its prevalence is 14% among children under four.


In healthy adults, common infections such as cold and flu can be frequent and contagious, particularly during winter or at the seasonal transitions. Adults get an average of two to four colds per year, mostly between September and May. In addition,  chronic stress and high intensity exercise increase the risk of common infections due to an immunosuppressive effect. Thus, populations exposed to high degrees of physical and environmental stress, such as sportsmen and daily-life stressed people, may suffer from an increased incidence of upper respiratory tract illness.


The elderly are more susceptible to infectious diseases such as influenza, which can deteriorate into more serious conditions such as pneumonia. There is a strong body of evidence showing that aging is accompanied by severe alterations in the immune system. This is called immunosenescence.

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