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Industrial Moisture Profiling System IMPS-4400 Instant Measurement


IMPS-4400 The Instant Moisture Profiling System Sensortech’s IMPS-4400 provides board product manufacturing plants the most advanced level of moisture profiling. Using the non-contact Radio Frequency Dielectric Measurement Technology in an arrayed framework allows the IMPS-4400 to deliver the complete picture of your products’ moisture composition. IMPS-4400 - Instant Moisture Profiling System for board products Moisture Sensor Array The IMPS-4400 is an Instant Moisture Profiling System (IMPS) that employs an array of two-inch Radio Frequency Dielectric Sensors used to relate directly to the moisture content of your product. This array can span a wide area allowing up to 128 sensors to measure the true moisture composition of your product. Moisture Profiling Software Our proprietary software takes process control to superior levels of productivity. Graphical displays allow a full diagnostic view of moisture profiles that identify issues before they become problems. The IMPS-4400 proprietary software is fully customizable allowing its users to switch graphic paradigms and view their processes from a variety of perspectives.

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