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Imunofit - Valens - Coenzyme Q10, Collagen, Vitamins, Fertility and other dietary supplements.


 Imunofit products Why is Imunofit so effective? Immune system and resistance Children’s immune system Imunofit Valens Imunofit presents unique food supplements with a beneficial effect on your immunity and support your immune system even before you get sick. Valens Imunofit supplements contain innovative combination of natural yeast beta-glucan, water-soluble form of Coenzyme Q10 (Q10Vital) and advanced form of vitamin C. With their specific composition, they act as a preventive and support the functioning of our innate immune system, as well as help our body to swiftly find and effectively remove foreign particles. We recommend Valens Imunofit food supplements to all who are exposed to stress and extensive psychophysical burdens, as well as during periods of greater risk of infection, particularly autumn and winter. We recommend Valens Imunofit products to: all, who are often exposed to stress and other psychophysical loads all, who get ill due to various infections all who are exposed in environments with a greater risk of encountering carriers of infections (kindergardens, schools, public services, etc.) everyone during autumn and winter, when chances for acquiring various infections are higher Advantages of Valens Imunofit products: food supplements with very high level of beta-glucan a highly efficient form of beta-glucan, isolated from yeast, a very high dosage of beta-glucan

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