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Indena QualityIndena - DNA Tested

Indena Leadership: High Quality Standards

Indena: A guarantee of quality at every step

Given the very complex nature of herbal ingredients, namely extracts of plant origin, the quality and reproducibility of their composition present a constant challenge to manufacturers.

Indena guarantees the quality and the consistency of extract composition throughout a 30+ steps’ process – hence the Indena30® brand – which deeply touches all stages of the production, from cultivation to the finished product.

In addition, the Indena’s quality system comprises DNA analysis, being genomic identification part of its own DNA, for which the company is pioneering identification research.

With plant DNA analysis, Indena has added a fundamental element of certainty about the authenticity of its products. But the real challenge is to guarantee the quality and safety of botanical extracts: after years of smart research and investment, Indena’s quality system has developed a reliable method of genomic analysis of the extract itself.

Mirtoselect® – Indena’s bilberry extract largely used in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products – is the first extract on which the company successfully performed a DNA test to pledge that bilberry extracts have the required specifications in terms of chemical components and declared pure botanical origin,Vaccinium myrtillus.

The method has 2 great strengths: robust results and fast analysis. Furthermore, thanks to the partnership with Hyris Ltd. and its portable tool bCUBE®, it’s very easy to apply. This allows partners, clients and end consumers to experience absolute certainty about the quality of Indena products.

bCUBE® is a trademark of Hyris Ltd.

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