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Industrial - American Lecithin Company


Simply one of the most versatile, inexpensive, environment-friendly products in the industrialized world. The chameleon-like properties of lecithins bring welcome solutions to any manufacturer or processor. Amphiphilic (with different affinities for oil and water) and cost-effective to produce, lecithin products have invaluable uses as emulsifiers, wetting, mixing, softening and surface-active agents. Lecithins help ink flow onto paper, spray paints deliver even coatings, and textiles feel soft. They give animal feeds the right consistency, make fertilizers suitable for spreading and help pesticides provide good coverage. In manufacturing, they help with everything from dust control to wastewater treatment. Whatever the product's form – fluid, powdered, and everything in-between – lecithins are likely behind its texture, color, heat-resistance and many other critical characteristics.

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