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Industrial Color Label Printer | QuickLabel

Industrial Color Label Printer

The QLS-4100 Xe prints color labels faster than any other label printer on the market and has the ability to rapidly process and print data-intensive labels via enterprise software. This rugged 300-dpi thermal transfer digital color label printer is suitable for office or factory environments and prints up to 7 ips four color CMYK process printing mode (depending on label size). Both barcode label printer and near photo-q uality label printer, the QL-4100 Xe carries the best aspects of each. The QLS-4100 Xe label printer is chosen by businesses with software integration requirements and the need to rapidly print color labels with variable information on each label. Print labels with barcodes, color codes, logos, graphics, product description text, serializing text (such as expiration dates and best-by dates) and prompted fields. Perfect for: Distributor-brand labels on cases and cartons of food, display labels on boxes of electronic devices or parts with color codes and other variable content, logo labels and personalized messages on promotional products, personalized color address labels, pipe marker labels and small signs for facility safety and Tyvek® pouches color-coded for medical devices. +Specifications Print Color Labels in Real Time – on the Factory Floor or in the Office: Print labels in-line, as products are packaged, to custom-print a unique color label for each unique product. Label graphics, text, barcodes, color codes (and any other l

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