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Industrial Mixers and Commercial Blending Equipment | Paul O. Abbé

Industrial Mixers and Commercial Blending Equipment

Mixing & Blending Paul O. Abbe offer four types of solids blenders and mixers for solids and pastes of all viscosities: Ribbon Blenders and Paddle Mixers are cost effective and widely used for blending solids and light pastes in all process industries. The moderate shear of the ribbon or paddle mixer naturally breaks down lumps and agglomerates. These horizontal ribbon and paddle mixers are efficient, rugged and economical. Dual-shaft paste mixers, heating jacket and vacuum designs are also available. Learn more about our high viscosity mixers. Tumble Blenders include the original Rota-Cone® Double Cone Blender and Rota-V Blenders. Tumble blending offers a simple low-shear method of mixing all solids including friable and delicate solids. The clean internal design provides complete discharge and easy cleaning. CrossMix® Fluidizing Mixers gently blends solids in a weightless zone in as lttle as 7 seconds. The CrossMix® is fast because it's efficient. The CrossMix® is ideal for mixing applications requiring high homogeneity or blending delicate and friable solids from trial mix or fertilize prill to crystalline pharmaceuticals crystals. The CrossMix® is also designed to quickly coat solids with liquids and oils. Double Arm Mixers and Mixer Extruders are based on a combination of 100+ years of ABBE rugged reliability and the latest Aaron Process Double Arm Mixer and Mixer/Extruder designs. These rugged high viscosity mixers are designed to mix and compound plastic

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