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Industrial Resins | Termalock™ Industrial Sealer

Industrial Resins

Resins serve a world of needs across many industries. The Termalock premium packaging system protect your product and serve your supply chain. Resins are valued for their chemical properties across a wide variety of applications, ranging from aerospace components and marine coatings to composites and laminates, even food glazing. As global industrial demands for this miracle substance continue to rise, resin is, and will continue to be, an important and valuable chemical resource. The Termalock premium packaging system from Fres-co does more than protect your resins. It can help lower the expenses related to packaging and transportation by eliminating heavier and bulkier rigid packaging. We worked with a Fortune 100 chemical producer to replace their traditional fiber drum packaging with hermetically sealed pouches, compliments of the Termalock industrial sealing system. A joint study analyzed the results of this effort. Our customer found that by substituting rigid packaging with flexible pouches, their diesel fuel consumption fell by nearly 80 percent. Transporting the customer’s chemical product with fiber drums required 25 truck deliveries per year; the Termalock industrial system cut that to just two truck deliveries annually. This effort did not only reduce fuel costs, but it also had a positive impact on the environment. Additionally, Fres-co’s valved, flexible bags are stackable, which makes transportation and storage of these valuable products easier.

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