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Isolase® is a unique blend of enzymes designed to enhance the bioavailability of plant polyphenols, including isoflavones. Polyphenols such as isoflavones are linked to sugars in their natural state and must be converted to their aglycone (sugar-free) form prior to absorption in our bodies. Unfortunately, the human body does not produce the enzymes necessary for this conversion and must rely on the enzymatic capacity of certain gastrointestinal microflora or consumption of fermented soy foods.

When formulating Isolase® at recommended dosage levels it may support the release of isoflavones from soy and other sources. Americans and the rest of the world are eager to include the nutritional benefits of these compounds to our diets but many of us lack effective microflora and dislike the taste or texture of fermented soy foods.

Isolase® offers a supplemental enzyme that mimics the action of the gastrointestinal microflora and the process of fermentation. This unique product provides the same enzymes capable of removing the sugar group and preparing the polyphenol for absorption. Unpublished clinical studies and in vitro analysis indicate that oral supplementation of Isolase may increase the bioavailability of these beneficial nutrients from isoflavone-containing supplements or foods.

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