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Roxlor LLC


JamboLean® is a proprietary extract of the Jambol Tree which is native to Eastern India. The extract is removed from the seed of the fruit through a natural alcohol extraction, standardized and spray dried to form an easy to use powder with no residual solvents. The Jambol fruit seeds contain the chemical constituents Gallic acid, Oxalic acid, anti-oxidants, sterols, and Ellagic acid. Jambol fruit seeds have been used in folk medicine and as dietary supplements throughout the world for their anti-hyperglycemic effects. JamboLean®'s ability to lower blood glucose levels is two fold. It has been shown to increase the activity of glucose utilizing enzymes and has been shown to have hypoglycemic effects on blood sugar levels. Fasting Blood Glucose Levels: One important step to monitoring diabetes is tracking the fasting blood glucose of patients. Diabetic patients will have a fasting blood glucose level far higher than a healthy patient. Many studies have been performed measuring the effect of Jambol Extract on the resting blood glucose of various subjects. The studies lasted between 15 and 42 days and all studies showed a significant decrease in the resting blood glucose levels of the subjects, while all untreated subjects showed increased fasting blood glucose level. Glucose Tolerance Test: Studies have also been conducted showing the effect of Jambol Extract both on the fasting blood glucose level and during a Glucose Tolerance Test. In these experiments diabetic su

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