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Many Keto followers depend on additional supplements to replenish the nutrition gaps from embracing the new lifestyle. And though there are many Keto products, there are minimal concentrated lipase formulas that aid in the digestive challenges common with the Keto diet. Ketobare™ works by supplementing the body with specifically selected enzymes, to help the body digest complex fat molecules.

Pancreatin 10X is a powerful enzyme blend in this formula consisting of protease, lipase and amylase. Its prominent feature is the broad spectrum specificity for fat, carbs and protein. Not only does it catalyze the conversion of fatty acids from fat molecules for body cell usage, it also helps digest the other essential elements of the Keto diet. While this lifestyle allows minimal carbohydrates, for the unintentional carb intake, this formula will convert them into non-digestible complex fibers, that can act as prebiotics. Ketobare™ advances the endeavor and helps the consumer get the most out of their diet with less gastrointestinal distress.

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