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L-leucine_L-tryptophan, L-lysine base, DL-methionine, D-galactose, L-arginine, D-lysine hydrochloride, D-serine, D-tryptophan, D-c Acid, B


L-leucine CAS: 61-90-5 Quality standard FCC,USP Description Alias: L-Leucine Molecular formula: C6H13NO2 Molecular weight: 131.17 Properties: white crystal or crystalline powder, which is a kind of nonpolar amino acid with slightly bitter taste and soluble in water. Its solubility at 25 ℃ is 23.7g / L and 24.26g / L, acetic acid (10.9g / L) , Dilute hydrochloric acid, alkali solution and carbonate solution, slightly soluble in alcohol (0.72g / L), insoluble in ether, heated to 145 ^ r 148 ℃ sublimation, 293-295 0C decomposition, the proportion of 1.29 (180C) Uses: This product is amino acids drugs. For amino acid infusion and synthetic amino acid preparations. For the diagnosis and treatment of idiopathic hyperglycemia in children and disorders of glucose metabolism, accompanied by reduced bile secretion of liver disease, anemia, poisoning, muscular dystrophy, poliomyelitis sequelae, neuritis and psychosis. Belongs to the human body essential amino acids, adult men need 2.2g / d, for the normal growth of infants and adults necessary to maintain normal nitrogen balance. Mainly as a nutritional supplements, hypoglycemic and promote growth. According to China's GB2760-96 provisions can be used as spices.

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