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The acidic environment created by production of L(+) Lactic Acid & other antimicrobial compounds prevents the growth of disease causing microbes like Clostridia, which are responsible for production of undesirable gases • Long & slender cells (0.3 to 0.8 microns) • Colonies are usually 2.5 mm in diameter, convex, smooth, glistening and do not produce any pigment

LactoSpore® produces only L (+) Lactic acid, which is completely and efficiently metabolized to glycogen • Whereas other probiotics may produce D (-) Lactic acid, which is metabolized slowly and in excess, can cause metabolic acidosis and may even be toxic to the brain

LactoSpore produces Bacteriocins (antimicrobial proteinaceous compounds) that are inhibitory towards both gram(+) and gram(-) bacteria • Bacteriocin produced extracellularly, may be used in the preservation of fermented foods

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