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Shankar Soya Concepts

LESUN F 60 Standard Sunflower Lecithin

LESUN F 60 Standard Sunflower Lecithin -  Lesun 60 is a Standard Sunflower Lecithin obtained from refining of Sunflower Oil. It has its advantage over Soya lecithin as it is allergen free.Its 100% NON GMO with no allergen Along with emulsification, it also adds value to the nutrition of the product being rich in Phospholipids It is found as an ingredient in many products we use in our day to day life Food- Chocolates, Bakery, Instant Mixes,Cookies,Biscuits,Cones,Wafers Industrial- Paints,Dyes,Road Making,Pigments Cosmetics- Creams,Anti Aging formulations Pharmaceutical- Formulations for liver,Heart,Cholesterol and Process ingredient Applications/Functions Natural Emulsifying, Anti-wetting Agent, Release Agent, Stabilizing,Conditioning, Anti Oxidant Nutrition, Source of Choline and Phospholipids