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Earthrise Nutritionals® - Linablue Stability Properties

Linablue Stability Properties

Stability Properties Solubility Linablue® powder is completely water soluble. It can dissolve quickly in cold and warm water to make a homogeneous transparent solution. Linablue® does not clump nor form solids in water to give the perfect natural blue color solution. spirulina extract stable pH Stability Its color shade is stable at around pH 4.5 – 8.0. Aggregation and precipitation occur at around pH 4.2 as phycocyanin has a combined structure with protein. When used together with milk, egg or other ingredients containing protein, its color stability improves. Heat Stability As a colorant made of protein, it is recommended to add Linablue® in a solution after it has cooled down or at about 60°C while cooling immediately after adding. Its stability improves in high density sucrose solutions.

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