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Panjin Tianyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Linseed Extract

Product Name: Linseed Extract Product Number: b002 上架时间: 2014-12-16 市场价: 0.00 Product Yellow Brown Powder Lignan SDG is inactive material. It becomes active material after enterodiol and entero-lactone are generated with the function of intestinal microorganisms of mammal. The molecular structure of enterodiol and entero-lactone are similar to that of 17β-estradiol, and they have two aromatic nucleus. Although the carbon chains of A ring and B ring are different, the hydroxyl positions that cause estrogenic activity are the same. The weak estrogen effects are brought through the combination of phytoestrogen and ER due to the similar structure of Lignan SDG and 17β-estradiol. The estrogen antagonism is brought through the competitive combination of Lignan SDG and estradiol. The phytoestrogen owns bidirectional functions of estrogen and antiestrogen. The relationship between the two sides is U dose effect relationship. When low dose is used, antiestrogen is generated through the competitive combination of phytoestrogen and estrogen. When medium dose is used, estrogenic activity is generated. When high does is used, the phytoestrogen can activate ER that is not activated due to underdose of estrogen, and enhancement effect of estrogen is brought.

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