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Luminex - NIS Labs


Luminex MagPix for web Testing human biomarkers using Luminex arrays is a convenient and cost-efficient platform for testing of multiple markers in a single biological sample. The arrays include pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines, anti-viral peptides, regenerative growth factors, cardiovascular panels, and metabolic hormone panels. The platform lends itself to multiple applications, including the following examples: Cytokine panels from immune cell cultures in pre-clinical testing of natural products Cytokine panels from immune cell cultures, where an immune challenge is performed on cells from subjects participating in an immune study Growth factors and matrix proteins secreted by tissue cells (such as skin cells) during repair and wound healing Regenerative growth factor panels, including markers such as Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Stem Cell Growth Factor Panels of pro- and anti-inflammatory markers from clinical blood samples, Panels of cardiovascular markers, such as C-Reactive Protein and fibrinogen Panels of metabolic hormones such as Leptin, C-peptide and Adiponectin from clinical blood samples

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