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Lycium chinense Mill extract (Wolfberry)_China mushroom extract powder,mushroom extract,mushroom powder,maitake,shiitake,reishi extract

Lycium chinense Mill extract

Lycium chinense Mill Lycium chinense Mill, also called red treasure, is one of rare Chinese traditional herbs. It contains a lot of botanic polysaccharide, protein, vitamin, etc.. the main effect of Lycium chinense Mill is nourish liver and kidney, it is also good for eye-sight. In old time, the doctors sign high praise for the good effect for the body of Lycium chinense Mill. Till now we often use it to make some snack in winter, and it is also one of first batch product which could be used both as food as medicine by the Ministry of health of PRC. Lycium chinense Mill polysaccharide Lycium chinense Mill polysaccharide is the main ingredient of Lycium chinense Mill, its molecular weight is 2225 kD. Lycium chinense Mill polysaccharide has the effect to adjust people's immune system, prevent the tumor and AIDS, it also can cure those fatigable, anorectic and faint sight symptom for old people. It also can reduce blood fat, anti-tumor and anti-aging.

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