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Our LycoVit® Product Range

LycoVit® is a beta-carotenoid used in several dietary supplement, beverage and food applications. LycoVit®helps to create an alluring, visually appetizing product with a red hue. Beta-carotenoids are relevant for all life stages, since they play an important role in protection against oxidative stress, weight gain, diabetes, atherosclerosis and free radical growth. 

Color is often the first sensory interaction a consumer has with a product, prior to tasting or smelling it. LycoVit® helps to create an alluring, visually appetizing product with a red hue. With more than 150 years experience BASF is one of the leading suppliers in the human nutrition industry and provides a broad product portfolio of health and performance ingredients as well as colorants.

Source of lycopene - LycoVit®

Lycopene is most commonly found in tomatoes. Very good sources are products that contain tomatoes in concentrated form such as tomato puree, sauce or juice. Other good dietary sources of lycopene are guavas, watermelon, papayas and pink grapefruit.

What makes BASF’s LycoVit® unique?

We help you produce foods and beverages without artificial colors, but with the same stability, appetizing appearance, and pure taste. LycoVit® adds brilliance and vibrancy to beverages and foods without the warning label: It is a safe, highly effective substitute for azo-dyes (artificial colors), which may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

LycoVit® has the same biological effectiveness and bioavailability as lycopene from tomatoes: both lycopene molecules are identical. LycoVit® is the ideal alternative for natural lycopene from tomatoes since it offers a superior cost-benefit-ratio.

We offer allergen-free, vegetarian, vegan, cold-water dispersible and direct compressible LycoVit® products to accommodate your health, lifestyle, and application criteria.

BASF has over 30 years of experience in producing carotenoids for food, beverage and dietary supplements applications, providing our customers product expertise, flexible application, the highest standards of safety, and a dependable supply. Our nature-identical colors are stable, cost-effective, come in a reliable supply and meet the highest safety and health standards.

BASF’s carotenoids serve as nutritionally valuable colorants for all different kinds of fat-based and water-based foods. Easy-to-use powders and dispersions are available to meet your needs, as well as vegetarian, allergen-free formulations to reliably match the preferences of today’s consumers.

Our ingredients remain stable during food production and storage and produce versatile, vibrant colors consumers find attractive. We provide reliable and stable color hues between yellow, orange and red as well as support on color matching. This track record provides customers with ease-of-use from order to application. Our technical service goes beyond knowledge of ingredients all the way to application expertise. We have the necessary experience to support your growing business, and we extend this experience to our customers in line with the highest safety standards and regulatory requirements.

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