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Mangoselect - Joint Health Support

Mangoselect® I Joint Health

Mangoselect® is a mangosteen extract standardized in 2 well characterized xanthones, alpha & gamma mangostins. The 2 compounds are proven to provide acute relief on joint discomfort, the same way as pharmaceutical products (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) do, inhibiting the COX-2 chain-reaction responsible of inflammation.

A mechanistic study confirms this mechanism of action. 

A human study carried out in seniors and sportsmen has proven Mangoselect’s ability to alleviate joint pain associated with the body’s inflammatory response after only 5 days, with a similar efficacy as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs but without side effect.

Mangoselect® being extracted from a fruit used in traditional Asian medicine, it offers a natural alternative to pharmaceutical compounds for short term joint pain relief. 

Mangoselect® is suitable for tablets and capsules, 600mg/day.

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