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  • MaquiBright improves tear fluid generation.
  • MaquiBright quenches bothersome symptoms, like irritation, blurred vision, sensitivity to light etc.
  • Dry eyes result from an imbalance of tear fluid secretion and its evaporation and drainage. Research has shown that tear fluid secretion from lachrymal glands, which are positioned under the eyelids, decreases as result of oxidative stress. This was initially found with people exposed to cigarette smoke. Symptoms related to dry eyes may affect anyone at times. Unfavorable ambient conditions, such as central heating or air-conditioning or decreased pressure in airplanes, lead to accelerated evaporation of tear fluid.
  • During recent years research has revealed that ageing, oxidative stress and inflammation affect the functionality of tear-fluid generating lachrymal glands and contribute to the development of dry eyes. Research has shown that specific delphinidin-glycoside species prevailing predominantly in maqui berry and MaquiBright, but scarcely in other berry species, are absorbed into lachrymal gland cells, to quench oxidative stress inside cells and hence naturally restore tear fluid generation.
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