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MARINE MAGNESIUM SALT (NATURAL & PURE) Caltron’s Marine Magnesium Salt (Marin-Mag) is derived from cold water which is extracted from the salty waters of the Indian Ocean and contains all the different natural forms of Magnesium including oxides, hydroxides and carbonates facilitating better assimilation in the body. The magnesium salt derived is pure and we proclaim nothing else is added to this natural magnesium salt. Marine magnesium is produce using evaporation and cold water extraction technique. Magnesium quality depends not only on source and elemental Mg content, but also on its bioavailability – that is the ability of magnesium to be absorbed and utilised by the body. Trace Marine Minerals Marin-Mag contains more than 70 trace minerals. These trace minerals are gained from its marine source. Although the additional elements contained are in trace quantities and are insignificant alone, however it helps maximum Magnesium being absorbed by the body

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