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MatriKleen Extraction Plate is a new generation sample preparation device which effectively removes most unwanted interferences from biological samples and eliminates ion suppression for mass spectrometry analysis.


  • In both 3 cc cartridge and 2 cc/well 96-well plate format, larger cartridge format is also available
  • Designed for plasma, serum, and blood samples


• Universal extraction tool for:

  • Polar and non-polar chemicals
  • Acidic and basic analytes

• Quick and simple high throughput procedure

• Total process time

• Eliminates matrix effect from phospholipids and proteins

• High recovery and reproducibility for most drug compounds


  1. Place MatriKleen extraction plate and collection plate on top of positive pressure processor (or vacuum manifold).
  2. Add 400 μL of methanol-acetonitrile mixture (1/1, v/v) to MatriKleen plate first, followed by 100 μL sample (spiked with target analyte).
  3. Wait about 5 minutes. Apply positive pressure or vacuum, adjust pressure so the sample flows through drop by drop.
  4. When all of solution is out, increase pressure to dry the plate for about 30 seconds.
  5. The eluate in the collection plate is ready to be analyzed.
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