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MBW 9000 Boot Scrubber

MBW 9000 Boot Scrubber

Meritech’s MBW 9000 boot scrubber is a full boot washing station that washes and sanitizes rubber boots and other footwear without laces.* The MBW 9000 scrubs the soles and up to nine inches of the sides of boots.  The Meritech Boot Scrubber is a boot washing station designed for wet, industrial environments.

Designed for production areas where the entire boot needs to be cleaned, the MBW 9000 boot washing station cleans boots at plant entrances and provides cross contamination control between processing operations. Easy to install, Meritech’s MBW 9000 boot scrubber fits into tight spaces. Constructed in heavy-duty stainless steel, the MBW boot scrubber is easy to clean – brushes can easily be removed for quick cleaning or replacement.  Meritech is the only manufacturer of a boot scrubbers that includes a 5-year parts and labor warranty, which includes 2 visits per year for cleaning, calibration, and certification – and on-call service at no charge.

The MBW 9000 boot scrubber is available with a variety of options to customize your specific application.

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