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Meat, sausage and fish products

Meat, sausage and fish products


Our specific stabilising systems support the curing, fermenting and structure improvement of fish products.

Meat, sausage and fish products – we set trends

Worldwide demand for meat is rising rapidly, and with it interest in new and trend-forward meat sausage products that meet the highest requirements in terms of flavour, texture and economy.

Thanks to our long experience, we know the market very well indeed, including country-specific requirements and food trends. We address them with precisely adjusted functional systems for fresh meat, cooked and cured products like ham, reconstituted meat and sausage products, and vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

Our highly specialised stabilising systems aren’t just for meats, but also improve the characteristics of fish products. In its structure, general chemical composition and the biological value of its proteins, fish muscle tissue is not too different from that of warm-blooded animals. The basic processes for fish muscle tissue are thus similar to those used in meat processing, and almost identical stabilising systems can be used.

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