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MegaTrio™ Blend

MegaTrio™ is a comprehensive gastrointestinal formula that combines three probiotic strains –Bacillus clausii, Bacillus coagulans and Bacillus subtilis.

Bacillus spores are a natural part of the human environment and have been consumed by humans for thousands of years as part of the normal diet. Bacillus spores were abundant in the foods consumed by our ancestors because they use the soil as a vector to travel from host to host. Grains, meats, fruits, and vegetables all contained spores, which led to a symbiotic relationship between these critical, supportive organisms and humans. However, modern food systems have sterilized food processing such that all fruits, vegetable, meats are washed and treated with strong antimicrobials, which in turn essentially eliminate our exposure to these necessary organisms. As a result, our health has suffered dramatically, and rates of opportunistic infection have steadily increased. As more and more researchers are beginning to understand, the gut microbiome is central to the health of the entire human body. When gastrointestinal health declines, nutrient absorption decreases, gastrointestinal barriers are damaged, and low-grade inflammation begins breeding in the gut like a silent bomb. Without these spores present in our daily lives, our immune systems cannot function as effectively or control systemic inflammation. It is clear that supplementation is critical, and proper supplementation requires the most natural formulation to deliver these life-enhancing probiotics.