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Melatonin SR Mimics 8 hours of natural sleep cycle

Melatonin SR Mimics 8 hours of natural sleep cycle

Melatonin’s low daily dose complicates the process of developing a sustained release or a continuous consistent release product. Normal beadlet coating technologies used in developing SR formulations result in large particles which can only be used in tablets or hard capsules.

Nutriventia’s Melatonin SR offers a unique sustained release profile despite having an average particle size that is small. Small enough to be included into 30% Aqueous content like gummy formats. Yet providing a consistent release profile with a 50% release in the first hour to provide immediate effect, and then continuous release over 5 – 6 hours to ensure sound sleep. Post 6 hours the release profile drops to ensure that overall melatonin levels drop in conjunction with the wake cycle after sound satisfying sleep.

  • Consistent release across a variety of dose ranges: This is important as the allowed dosage of Melatonin varies globally.
  • A unique sustained release profile that provides accurate release at the required time points.
  • Accurate dosing: Not just to help you sleep but also keeps you fresh when you wake up. 
  • Small particle size: Small enough to be used in unique applications like gummies.
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