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메시 마

면역 자극제

부작용 없음 상호 작용의 자연 안전 무료 Highty 효과적인.

Mesima 는 독특하고 강력한 면역 강화제로 자연스럽고 부작용이 없으며 건강에 좋습니다. 면역 기능 저하와 관련된 질병으로 고통받는 사람들에게 극적인 건강상의 이점을 제공 할 수있는 혁신적인 면역 요법 제품입니다.

MESIMA의 놀라운 면역 부스팅 효과

Mesima is a potent, wide action, immune boosting product. No other known product provides anything close to these powerful health- promoting immune-boosting effects.

Mesima immune system activations:      

Macrophage  .....................  300-500%      

Natural Killer Cells  ............  200-300%      

T Cells  ...............................  300%      

B Cells  ..............................  1,290%          

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For those with compromised immunity, these powerful immune boosting actions have been shown to provide extraordinary health benefits.

Mesima is approved for use in both japan and korea. Many other countries are currently being developed with requlatory approvals and pre-marketing activities.

What is Mesima?

Mesima is a pure, pharmaceutically standardized, mycelium (medicinal mushroom) extract of uniquely arranged polysaccharide and protein molecules (novel/natural glycoproteins). Mesima is a GMP-certified, patent-protected extract derived from the very rare Phellinus Linteus yoo (P.L. yoo).

Medicinal mushrooms contain varying amounts of special plant sugars called polysaccharides that are well known to provide superior immune enhancement than any other type of traditional medicine. Mesima is a pure protein-bound polysaccharide product (glycoprotein). Other less effective products contain 10~30% polysaccharides with different protein/polysaccharide arrangements. Mesima has a unique composition and higher polysaccharide content than other popular mycelium products (please see "Contents Analysis of a Beneficial Biological Modifier" below for more details. Mesima represents a quantum leap forward in the high-growth field of Immunotherapy. As the preceding immune cell activation data indicate, Mesima is a uniquely potent immune-boosting product with unrivaled health promoting effects.

Mesima is Unique

Since this mushroom is so rare and unavai[able in the wild (in anything close to commercial quantities), Mesima is the only true P.L. yoo product available globally. In the wild, it grows only on the trunks of Mulberry Trees that are more than 100 years old. It takes 30-40 years for the fruiting body of the mushroom to mature sufficiently to be used in medical applications. In extensive scientific investigations P.L. yoo proved to be the most potent immune-boosting mycelium extract of the top 27 medicinal mushrooms.7 Because there was such confusion in the traditional literature over the real identity of this top-performing traditional medicine, DNA analysis was used to scientifically confirm it. Many imposters previously thought to be Phellinus linteus were eliminated because of misidentification. The authenticity of P.L. yoo strain, which produces the strongest immunostimulating benefits, was further examined and confirmed through gene interpretation and analysis. The P.L. yoo strain (Mesima) is approved by the Korean requlatory authorities as an elite "Special Medicine". It is registered within the group ATCC26710 U.S. standard strain. The patented process to produce commercially viable quantities of  P.L. yoo took ten years of relentless scientific investigation to develop. This cultivation process uses a precise (chemical- free) proprietary technology that was developed solely to yield pure P.L. yoo fruiting body strains. The cultivated product is processed and concentrated in a natural (chemical-free) extraction and standardization process to produce standardized Mesima, (pure protein-bound polysaccharides). Mesima is also free of the toxic agaric acid found in wild P.L. yoo, (a central nervous system stimulant that causes emisis (forceful vomiting) and diarrhea). lt would be an error to assign the benefits of this unrivalled immunostimulant described here, to any other product. 

Mesima Reliable Standardized Potency

Prior to production, the P.L. yoo strains are authenticity tested by DNA analysis (PCR). Both the stability and the immunostimulating potency of the strains are tested to insure a consistent, potent and standardized  product. Mesima is a safe, professional quality, scientifically supported natural health product that is produced under strict pharmaceutical GMP conditions (the highest quality standard in the world).

Our Weakened Immune Systems Contribute to Illness

우리의 면역 체계는 단순히 놀랍고 좋은 것입니다. 이러한 보호가 없다면 우리는 빨리 병 들고 죽게 될 것입니다. 불행히도, 우리의 면역 체계는 나이가 들어감에 따라 약해집니다. 그러나 불행히도, 모든 연령대의 면역 체계는 현대 사회에 내재되어있는 많은 요인 (독성 중금속, 화학 물질, 살충제 및 비료, 화학 요법, 방사선, 외상, 수술, 열악한 생활 습관 선택 등)에 의해 손상 될 수 있습니다. 흡연, 건강에 해로운 음식, 스트레스, 휴식 및 exerices 등).