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Milk Minerals

Ideal for infant and toddler nutrition
Calcium is an essential nutrient needed for normal growth and bone development in children. It is the most abundant mineral element in the body, with more than 99% of the calcium contained within bone and teeth. Calcium is obtained solely through dietary sources, and optimal calcium intake is especially relevant during childhood.

Derived from milk, the natural and highly bioavailable calcium in Capolac® is ideal for infant nutrition. Adequate calcium intake during childhood and adolescence is crucial to the development of the peak bone mass that we depend on for the rest of our life. A high peak bone mass has been associated with a lower risk of osteoporosis and thus, maximizing bone mass during growth comprises one of the best preventive strategies.

Capolac® provides a natural and ideal combination of calcium and phosphorus for infant and toddler nutrition. This product has a natural calcium phosphate composition similar to bone and teeth. Calcium and phosphorous are the most important minerals in building and maintaining a strong bone structure and guarding against development of osteoporosis.

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