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SlimMilk is manufactured from spray dried skim milk powder, which is instantized to produce large, irregular shaped particles that disperse in hot or cold water. SlimMilk conforms to the United States Standards for U.S. Extra Grade, Instant Nonfat Dry Milk. Cottage cheese, chocolate dairy beverages and vended beverages are common applications where good hot or cold dispersion characteristics are necessary.

SlimMilk (Fortified) is manufactured like our SlimMilk but is fortified with Vitamins A and D. This product contains a minimum of 2,000 IU/100g of Vitamin A and 400 I.U of Vitamin D in each quart of reconstituted product for applications where material conforming to the United States Standards for U.S. Extra Grade, Fortified Instant Nonfat Dry Milk is required.

SlimMilk LF is low-fat dry milk that contains 1-2% milk-fat when reconstituted for use. Unlike nonfat dry milks, SlimMilk LF has just a touch of cream added for delicious taste. Ordinary nonfat dry milk requires the addition of fresh milk for better flavor, but because SlimMilk LF has the touch of cream, you do not have to add fresh milk to make it taste great!

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