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Milk Thistle Extracts (Silymarin)-Products-Jiang Sujianjia pharmaceutical co., LTD

Milk Thistle Extracts (Silymarin)

Milk Thistle Extracts (Silymarin) source:Jiang Sujianjia pharmaceutical co., LTD | The release date:2013-02-01 15:34:48 | Browse the number:666 The Series of Milk Thistle Extracts (Silymarin) This product is extracted and refined from the fruits of Silybum marianum(L)Caentn.It is slightly yellow or yellowish brown powder or crystalline powder.It is also colorless,odourless ,easily soluble in Acetone,Ethyl Acetate,ethanol.methanol,and slightly soluble in chlorrorm,insoluble in water .We have silymarin series ,for example:silymarin extract by acetone, ethyl acetate,ethanol and we also manufacture silybin.

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