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Minerals for baked goods - Dr. Paul Lohmann

Minerals for baked goods

Baked goods and cereals Baked goods and cereals Cereal products have been a classic staple food of humankind for centuries. All over the world, bread, baked goods, pasta and cereals are a vital source of carbohydrates, protein and dietary fiber. The fortification of cereal products with minerals is therefore an effective source to offer health-aware consumers an everyday source of minerals. Within fortification of baked goods, flour and cereals, the principal challenge facing the development of marketable concepts is based in producing an end product with the accustomed quality and characteristics. For baked goods, color stability, an unchanging, pleasant consistency and baking stability are the primary considerations. For loose products such as flour or muesli, the vital factor is the homogeneous distribution of all constituents without a tendency to separate.

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