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Monk Fruit Extract

Monk Fruit Extract is a vine-growing fruit that grows exclusively in remote parts of Southwest China, predominantly in the province of Guangxi.Its fruit is well-known for its sweet taste and its remarkable sweet components.As a sweetener, Luo han guo has been widely used in beverage, baked foods, nutritious foods, low calorie foods and other low or no carbohydrates sweetener and foods. Cooking or baking without damaging its flavor and sweetness. Luo han guo has been used as a medicinal herb for treating cough and sore throat and is popularly considered to be a longevity aid in Southern China . It has more recently been developed into a natural non-caloric sweetener. The sweet taste of luo han guo comes primarily from mogrosides present in the fleshy part of the fruit, and when used in its purest form, is estimated to be over 300 times sweeter than sugar. Application It can be used in food,beverage,health product and etc. Main Function: 1.A natural sweetener without any calorie which is beneficial for diabetic 2.Powerful anti-oxidant function. 3.To relieve cough and expectorant. 4.To improve immunity. 5.To lower the blood sugar. 6.To protect liver. 7.To anti-cancer.

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