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Morinaga® M-16V®

Morinaga® M-16V®

(Bifidobacterium breve)

About Morinaga M-16V

Bifidobacterium is a well-studied genus of beneficial bacteria that naturally inhabits the human gut. There are many speciesof bifidobacteria, and, like all probiotics, their health benefits are strain-specific. Bifidobacterium breve is a species of bifidobacteria commonly found in the intestines of newborn infants. Morinaga M-16V is a room-temperature stable strain of Bifidobacterium breve supported by over 30 published studies, including 19 human clinical trials. It has special benefits for low-birth-weight infants. In fact, Morinaga M-16V is routinely administered to low-birth-weight infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units of approximately 100 hospitals in Japan.

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