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Mulberry Fruit Extract-Products-Jiang Sujianjia pharmaceutical co., LTD

Mulberry Fruit Extract

Mulberry Fruit Extract source:Jiang Sujianjia pharmaceutical co., LTD | The release date:2013-02-01 15:32:48 | Browse the number:257 分析项目 Appearance性状: Color颜色: Odor气味: Assay花青素(UV) Loss on drying干燥失重: Residue on ignition灼烧残渣: Mess网筛孔径: Heavy metal重金属: Pesticides农药残留: Total Plate细菌总数: Yeast&Mold霉菌及酵母菌: Salmonella沙门氏菌: E.Coli大肠杆菌: 检验标准 Fine powder粉末 Fuchsia紫红色 Characteristic特殊气味 ≥25.0%

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