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myHMB® Clear

MyHMB Clear is the pure, free acid form of HMB. This powerful delivery form is rapidly absorbed, allowing for a higher peak and greater concentration in the blood for maximum results. Additionally, myHMB Clear has greater clearance and utilization by your tissues to maximize benefits.

CaHMB vs. HMB free acid

CaHMB is mono-hydrated calcium salt combined with HMB to create a powder while HMB free acid is HMB in its pure, gel/liquid form.

For decades, scientists have studied and shown the positive effects of CaHMB on increasing strength, lean mass, and decreasing muscle damage and improving recovery after rigorous exercise. This easily deliverable form of HMB has been the mainstay of HMB used in supplements.

In 2009, scientists began studying the kinetics of a liquid delivery form, and in 2011 published results showing faster absorption, increased blood levels of HMB, and increased clearance to tissues. This revolutionary study on the new HMB delivery form resulted in several clinical studies demonstrating safety and efficacy.

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