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Nano Zinc Oxide - Advance Materials - Chemicals - Tata Chemicals Limited

Nano Zinc Oxide

Enhancing the protective action of personal care products

The distinctive property to block UVA and UVB sun rays makes zinc oxide one of the most important ingredients in a variety of cosmetic and personal care products including baby care, oral care and skin care products. Zinc oxide also acts as an SPF booster and has antimicrobial properties. The applications of nano zinc oxide in cosmetics and personal care include, Sunscreen creams and lotions with varying SPF ratings. Baby diaper anti-rash creams. Avobenzone-free sunscreens. Fully inorganic / physical sunscreens. Talcum powder, lip balm, BB cream, CC cream and other colour cosmetics. Nano zinc oxide also has acid scavenging, heat resistance and UV protection characteristics which enables its use in general products such as home care products; paints, coatings and adhesives; and plastics and polymers.

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